Saturday, December 17, 2011

Naughty By Nature about to release Remix of OPP "Down wit JPP"

Heres a tease of the up coming remix of OPP, the JPP version:

Apologies to "Naughty By Nature"

You down wit JPP?,
You down wit #TeamGrizz- alee
You down wit Antrel Rolle's abili- itee?

Who's down with JPP?
Who's down wit Phillips-deep saftey?
Who's down wit Kennedy

JPP means something gifted, break it down East Orange.

Play calling and head scratching

For the first time I'm going to question the play calling of Gilbride, Offense gets an A- cause of the firsthalf stumbles, but scored 15 pts in the last 6 minutes. thats more on Eli than Gilbride. Everyone else gets a B, defense should have had a C but for the last stop to give the ball back to Eli. Weathorford and Tynes were good, return unit needs work, or something.

Is it me or has the secondary taken a step back? Ross and Webster had 3 picks a piece and Rolle and Phillips chipped in 3 more, with at least 12 batted balls, all in the first half of the season. I realize injuries have caused players to be played out of their natural positions, causing communication issues. But we eed to stay in the plus area on turnovers. I'm not going to knock Fewell like I did Gilbride. because Fewell has been making due with guys off the bench and picking up guys off of waivers. I would just add, Fewell needs to mix up his pass rush schemes more than he has, but thats also reliant on the cover guys.

IF the Giants can play the same group in the secondary from here on out, we might see some improvement there. Good coverage can make that 3 man defensive front more viable, and keeping an opposing offense guessing about what they'll face, 3 man, 4 man, 5 man pass rush can tip the balance on the Giants favor.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Giants/Dallas injury report Dec. 10th, 2011

Kenny Phillips, Osi Umenyiora, David Baas, Mark Herzlich and Spencer Paysinger did not make the trip to Dallas. Tyler Sash is expected to start in the place of Kenny Phillips.

From Mike Garafolo: Mario Manningham looked "quick" and "sharp" in practice earlier this week. Expect the same Offensive line as last week. Diehl @LT, Petrus @LG, Boothe @center, Snee @RG and McKenzie @ RT.

If Demarcus Ware plays for Dallas he may target McKenzie.

2011 Game 1, div matchup: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants

Arizona sacked Tony Romo 5 times, twice from a 3 man front. Arizona linebackers filled gaps, while the blitz scheme mixed it up. With Chase Blackburns solid zone pass coverage (he follows a crossing receiver until Blackburn can hand the WR off to a safety), its not clear that Dallas TE Whitten will be wide open. And if Blackburn hands off Whitten to Tyler Sash, the former Iowa Star, Romo could be throwing to Whitten as Sash does what he did at Iowa, recognizes the ball and moves in. Tyler Sash add 13 interceptions at Iowa to go along with 392 return yards.

Last week vs Arizona Dez Bryant burnt the Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson repeatedly on comeback routes. I'm sure Dallas has film of Aaron Ross jumping those same routes, like the one he picked off in the Seattle game. Look for Tony Romo to target Prince Amukamara, specifically with his best receiver Dez Bryant who is 2 inches taller than the Prince. Perry Fewell hasn't put Prince Amukamara on the island yet, but if Dallas targets Prince Amukamara this might be the best test yet for the former first round pick, Amukamara.

And one of the things the Giants secondary worked on in practice was handing off receivers within zone or partial zone schemes. Something that didn't work out on the Driver TD in the Green Bay game. Last week vs Green Bay this is something that Chase Blackburn did very well and the secondary needs to iron out.

With Eli having his starting wide outs on the field, Mario Manningham, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks presence on the field can open up the middle, and the Giants have some size to dominate the middle. TE Travis Beckum at 6'3" made the most of his one catch vs Green Bay, Ramses Barden & Bear Pascoe are both 6'5" and Jake Ballard (Mini Bavaro) is listed at 6'6".

The Giants will have the same O line personal as last week and hope to run the ball, with a meaningful run fake, making the Dallas linebackers bite for a second, Eli might have time for deeper routes and an opportunity to take advantage of Manninghams 4.38 speed.


Giants Defense forces Dallas into at least 3 field goal attempts, gets at least 4 stops, allows 4 trips to the redzone. 5 Sacks. Tyler Sash  & Prince Amukamara were both ball hawks in college and we know that when Tony Romo starts throwing picks, he doesn't throw just one in a game. I'm expecting Dallas field goals so numbers like 16, 20, 23 or 25 come to mind.

Jacobs and Brradshaw: Expect these guys to tear it up, 130 yards combined.

Offense, If we run the ball, that will keep the time of possession in our favor and reduces the shoot out potential. Even so I think the Giants score 28 to 35 points.

Dallas is favored by 3.5 points, the under over is 44.5. I'm taking the Gmen and the over.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Giants Center David Baas, Injury rumors

Earlier today Coach Coughlin hinted that David Baas had something worse than just a headache and was undergoing tests. After the overall good performance of the Deihl, Snee, Boothe, Petrus and Mackenzie lineup in Sundays game against the Packers, many fans think Baas should sit and Boothe should play. The question may be moot soon with twitter rumors suggesting David Baas is headed for Injured reserve,

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Injury plagued Giants face Packers

Osi Umenyiora and Mark Herzlich are out. Bradshaw and Boley are questionable but are expected to play, Bradshaw did practice on Friday. Mario Manningham has "stuff" floating in his knee, he is doubtful. The real question with Manningham is will he play again this year, or can rest allow him to play effectively?

With Boley back, can he keep the Giants rookie linebackers from being confused, can Boley will the unit to play well?

With Bradshaw back on the field the question will be, is he effective, and do we see the old one two punch of Bradshaw and Jacobs, if the O line is actually run blocking?

Pride, Giants face Green Bay

The Giants must win out, yes they can lose to Green Bay and still make the playoffs. But without showing they can beat an elite team, the Giants cannot be expected to go anywhere. With Defensive coach Perry Fewell admonishing his unit to get after Aaron Rodgers this week, the giants defense needs to come out on fire. has posted videos for the new Ring of Honor Inductees, I watched all of them. What particularly struck me was a play in the Carl Banks video where Banks vaults over the opposing offensive line at the snap, and lands on the Quarterback before he can step back. Thats what Antrel Rolle calls a baller. Remember LT talking about a pack of wild dogs?