Friday, January 13, 2012

Giants: There is the potential to crush the Pack

Keys to the game, Giants run the ball, Win the battle of turnovers, and defense. Do these 3 things and the Giants win by 6 or more.

Giants are vastly improved since week 13, Packers aren't. In 9 of 16 games the Pack won a one possession game, the 10th they lost, and the remaining 6 games the Pack won by more than one possession.

The way KC beat GB is more important than that KC won. GB went 4 for 16 converting 3rd downs, KC defended the middle and the long ball while rushing the QB. At this point in time the Giants do all of these things better than KC did.

The Giants pass rush is better than the GB O line, even with 2 starters returning for GB. The Giants O line is better than the GB pass rush.

GB is +19 on turnovers, they play a risky secondary technique that yields either a pick for GB or a big play for the opposition. GB DB's cheat up on the WR, not the Tampa 2 style, so the GB Secondary is vulnerable to double moves and 2 WR's crossing/brush off the DB's....

GB has to prepare for the #1 pass rush, a secondary that is playing not as a bottom of the barrel defense, but a top 5 unit. GB also has to defend one of the best WR trios in the league and if the TE's perform, defend against 3 TE's. The Giants will run plays against Clay Matthews, and then do something off of that. Look at the 4th quarter, a physical run game will have the Pack tired, on their heels and it may well be the Giants pad the lead.

Giants rush on punts and kicks has been getting closer the last 4 weeks, if GB keeps another blocker in, they're vulnerable to a big return.

I'm picking the Giants to win, if the Giants run the ball, dont turn the ball over and play Defense like they have, this can be an ugly game for the Packers scoring only 17 points. If the Giants specials give us a TD, and the secondary picks Rodgers... don't be surprised by 31-14 Gmen.

I also think the Giants can survive Eli throwing a pick 6, still winning, the score will be close.


  1. Wow - partially right... but "crush" they did indeed.

    The coverage was phenomenal to get Rodgers to run that much and it was painful to see him slide out those first downs - until they finally started to nail him. Bradshaw was like a wild bull in a cage but the run didn't bust open until late. Pack could not advance in the playoffs dropping the ball (fumbles and passes) that much. And the refs - PLEASE - nearly nursing the Pack back into the game.

    Love to hear your take on the Niners.

  2. On Rodgers planned roll outs, the NYG defense covered, for 8-10-12 seconds. Really incredible effort as a unit.

    If you had told me the Giants would not run for 100 yards and Green Bay would run for 147, and the Giants would have no sacks in the first half, I would tell you the Giants lost the game. The way the game played out the Giants were for the most part, in control the whole way.

    First look at 49ers: