Monday, January 16, 2012

In the last 4 games, Giants have better offense and defense

The Giants score an average of 30.25 points per game over the last 4 games, while the 49ers have averaged 27.25. NYG have scored 121 pts vs the 49ers 109 over 4 games. While on defense the Giants allow 12 points and the 49ers average 19.75 pts per game. NYG defense has allowed 48 over 4 games, 49ers allowed 79 pts over 4 games.

But for some reason Vegas wants to pick the 49ers?

Looking at the above numbers, the offensive averages are close, but the defensive numbers are glaringly different, nearly 8 points. Before the Atlanta game I had no clue the Giants defense would blank Atlanta, and I thought the Giants would beat Green Bay by 6, not 17. So on Monday afternoon, I'm picking the Giants by 8 points.

Edited to correct a math error.

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